Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Public Sale
Notice is hereby given pursuant of Chapter 59 Texas Property Code, (Chapter 576 Acts Of the 68th Legislature Regular Session 1983). Storquest Self Storage will sell at public sale by competitive bidding the personal property of:
522 – Joseph Jackson
526 – Marsalis Reed
610 – Carlos Salvador
616 – Shunda L Davis
Property to be sold: misc. household goods, furniture, tools, clothes, boxes, toys and personal content. Auction Company: DAVIS AUCTIONNEERS, L.P (817)447-9805 TX # 8325. The sale will commence at 2:00 PM on or after August 7, 2014 at the property where said property has been stored and which is located at Storquest Self Storage 10317 Shady Trail, Dallas, TX 75220. Goods must be paid in cash and removed at time of sale. Sale is subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between owner and obligated party.


Notice of Public Sale
PS Orangeco, Inc., hereby gives notice that the property generally described below is being sold to satisfy a Landlord's Lien pursuant to Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code, at the date and time indicated below, and on the following terms: All property will be sold at public sale to the highest bidder for cash or credit cards, NO CHECKS, with payment to be made at the time of the sale. Seller reserves the right to refuse any bid and to withdraw any item or items from the sale.
The property stored therein may include, but are not limited to general household items, appliances, boxes, bags, totes, tools, bedding, clothing, electronics, toys, books, files, furniture and miscellaneous items.
The property will be sold on the 30th of July 2014 on or about the time indicated at each self-storage facility identified below. No Children Please.
9:15 AM - Public Storage, 11434 Sprowles Street, Dallas, TX, 75229
B027 -- Kameron Ambler
B172 -- Roy Lewis
B199 -- Lydia Gutierrez
B385 -- Robert Adcock
B397 -- Nichelle Williams
B416 -- Michael Ostertag
E032 -- David Biggs
9:30 AM - Public Storage, 2861 Walnut Hill Drive, Dallas, TX, 75229
A543 -- Margaret Marshall
B474 -- Sean Green
C073 -- Willie Wisner
C127 -- Cody Walters
C147-- Ismelda Veliz
D463 -- Taoshala Grant
E406 -- Wilber Vanegas
10:00 AM - Public Storage 1212 E. Airport Frwy, Irving, TX 75062
1278 -- Ron Edmonson
2057 -- Aily Gutierrez
2103 --Donisa Ingram
2214 -- Jonette Chambers
2245-- Dasheuh Booker
2246 -- Ryan Trotter
2374 -- Deshun Alvarado
2375 -- Kevin Somers
2402 --Jorge Miranda
B075 -- Ramona Moore
C104 -- Pamela Darland
C123 -- Santa Conde
D132 -- Alexander Robles
M525 -- Irwin Zamora
10:15 AM - Public Storage, 1205 N. Loop 12. Irving, TX 75061
B074 -- Dean Grimes
B080 -- Josefa Ugalde
B081 -- Kim Jones
B094 -- Jeremy D. Bench
B106 -- Catrina Wood
B112 -- Guadalupe Duran
C058--Cathy Williams
C074 -- Arturo Reyes
C201 -- Oralia Fryar
C220 -- James Black
C227 -- Anthony Colvin
E057 -- Mike Spangler
F008 -- Roberto Montemayor
F010 -- Alicia Perales
10:30 AM - Public Storage, 100 N. MacArthur Blvd. , Irving, TX 75061
0035 -- Christine Andrade
0057 -- buck hunt
0186 -- Charla Davis
0398 -- Earlene Gill
0055 -- Oscar DeLaCerda
0164 -- Madalyn Isaac
0517 -- Michelle Davis
10:45 AM - Public Storage, 1520 Irving Blvd. , Irving, TX 75061
4004 -- Juanita Neri
4024 -- Ashlei Osborn
4029 -- Jeremiah Aguinaga
4071 -- Brian Colbert
4103 -- Becky Kendall
4119 -- Joseph Salazar
4130 -- Veronica Saenz
4186 -- Jeannie Delacruz
4274 -- Arabia Oliver
4324 -- Timothy Warner
4365 -- Amber Wright
4377 -- Juan Garcia
4512 -- Sandra Brooks
11:15AM - Public Storage, 1210 North Beltline Rd. , Irving, TX 75061
0112 -- Jerry Kean
0248 -- Cedric Gray
0302 -- Frankie Marks 0305 -- Tammie Robertson
0321 -- luis palacio
0324 -- Schona Hotard
0532 -- Renee Newton
0535 -- betty mccoy
0727 -- Tyrone Jenkins
0729 -- Nola Semere
1004 -- Amber Kimberlin
1011 -- Myranda Hardin
1014 -- Miguel Varkonyl
1131 -- Sharmisa Garner
1439 -- Jason Barron
1505 -- Carlos Perez
1528 -- Monica Moreno
1531 -- Melanie Frank
1626 -- Tanquera Daniels
1916 -- Monica Simmons
1926 -- Jonathan Laurent
1929 -- Joanne Cortez
2001-- Charles Evans
11:30 AM - Public Storage, 3430 W. Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, TX 75038
1310 -- Carlos Carter 1342 -- Johnathan Jackson
2306 -- Elizabeth Davis
2328 -- Bazara Abdelmaged
2332 -- Gregory Byers
2348 -- Denise Ray
2416 -- Angie Thompson
2564 -- Donald Jackson
2630 - Randolph Williams
3002 -- Ebony Speed
3018 -- Shambreca Webb
3044 -- Edgingtine Harmon
3164 -- Cristy Palma
3166 -- Tracy Allen
3200 -- Jonathon Lee
3350 -- Keysha Lacy
3400 -- Darrin Kirby
3440 -- Alexandra Clowers 3550 -- Jerrol Hamilton 11:45 AM - Public Storage, 3501 Country Club Rd , Irving,TX 75062
B024 -- Mollie Alfrod B025 -- Sharon Beyer B030 -- Tracey Chapa C003 -- Geneva Martinez C007 -- Chasity Roberts C022 -- Michael Colgrove C023 -- MarShaun Hurston D053 -- Maria Jimenez
D059 -- Daniels Bounds
D067 -- Jacob Sanders
D098 -- Cedric Whitehurst
D103 -- Christopher Hart
D164 -- Michelle Hill
E005 -- Delilah Herrera
E033 -- Melissa Johnston
E054 -- Leon Erby
E081 -- Roberto Rodriguez Jr


Notice of Public Sale
American Harbor Self Storage, in order to satisfy a Landlord’s Lien, wishes to avail themselves of the provisions of the Texas Property Code Ann. #59.011-59.046, and hereby gives Notice of Sale under said act to wit: CASH ONLY! The sale will be conducted on July31st, 2014, at 10:00 AM at American Harbor Self Storage, 7227 S RL Thorton Freeway, Dallas, TX 75232, 972-228-4710. The sale will be all contents of the following:
Sheila Tatum – refrigerator, bed frame, make up table w/mirror, washer, dryer, mattresses, chair, 2 TV’s, wheelchair, numerous boxes
Adriane N Broxton – 4 dining chairs, coffee table, mattresses, 2 twin bed frames, lamp, shelving, clothes, 2 bins dresser, 10+ boxes, obscured
Jerome O Harris – pool table, couch, 2 stools, bed frame, clothes, bean bag chair, mattresses, bedding, Christmas tree, 2 boxes, 2 bins, obscured
Natalie L Daniels - TV, wall pictures, numerous bags and bins
Myesha Wishum – numerous boxes and bins
Tracey Baylor-Chapman – refrigerator, mattress and box spring bicycle, bed frame
Deandra R Jackson – TV, 4 chairs, glass coffee table and end tables, couch, island, toys
Sparkle Henry – Christmas tree, couch, head board, toys, numerous bags and bins, obscured
Charles Lee Robinson – 7 filing cabinets, printers, speakers, 12 duffle bags, boxes
April N Earls – 4 chairs, dryer, clothes, flat screen TV, dishes, twin mattress bed and frame, bags and bins, obscured
Denise Canto – unit obstructed
Donald Waters – mattress and box spring, 2 TV’s, armoire, chairs, fan, vacuum, dresser, tool box, filing cabinet, duffel bag, pillows, bedding, numerous boxes and bins
Rodrick B Hunter – 3 TV’s, end table, couch, bed frame, boxes and bags
Andrew McCord – refrigerator, luggage, bed frame, armoire, fan, clothes, boxes and bags
Lakendria D McCoy – console table, TV, washer, dryer, end tables, chairs, recliner, very obscured
Janice Thompson – clothes rack, mannequin, display case
Allen Rynes – couch, portable fan
Tessia W Brent – rugs, microwave, truck, 3 pc luggage, lawn chair, moving blankets, 10 boxes
Deshona L Hart – mattresses, couch, chairs, bins, shelves, cooler, silk plant, night stand, clothes, obscured
Schlieta Strange – vacuum, electronics, mattresses, clothes, glass top end tables, numerous bags and boxes
Susan Van Dyke – clothes, glass top end tables and coffee table, 3 trunks, bedding, head board, ceramic tile, dining chairs, speakers, numerous boxes
Megail T Turner – 2 buffets, rear projection TV, chairs, couch, glass top coffee table, silk plants, bags, bins and boxes
American Harbor Self Storage reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to rebid at a later date. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! CASH ONLY!! The Public is invited to attend. According to Texas State Laws, Sales Tax will be collected on all sales, unless original sales tax exemption certificate is presented at the time of sale. Auctioneer:
Buddy Thomas #11049


OAK CLIFF SELF STORAGE 3636 S. Tyler St. Dallas, TX 75224; Wishing to avail themselves of the provisions of Chapter 59 of the Texas Property code hereby gives notice of sale under said act and chapter to wit on July 23,2014 @ 9:30 AM, to conduct a public sale to the highest bidder for CASH ONLY.
The contents of the units rented by the following:
Kammy Dismuke: Gulf Clubs furniture items, exercise equipment, computer monitor, house hold goods; Pamela Mudd: clothes, bedding, boxes; Mary J Cornelius: pottery molds, Craft works; Kacy W. Fisher: Furniture Bedding house hold goods; Larry Marshall: furniture House hold goods; Fredrick Miles: bedroom furniture, boxes house hold goods; Iesha Williams: living room furniture, bed boxes house hold goods


Pursuant to Chapter 59, Texas Property Code, The Attic Self Storage which is located at 15025 Inwood Road, Addison, Texas 75001 will hold a public auction of property being sold to satisfy a landlord’s lien. The sale will be held at 8:30 o’clock a.m. on August 12, 2014 at 15025 Inwood Road, Addison, Texas 75001 .
Property will be sold to highest bidder for cash. Deposit for removal and cleanup may be temporarily required. Seller reserves right to not accept any bid and to withdraw property from sale. Property in each space may be sold item-by-item, in batches, or by the space. Property being sold includes contents in space(s) of the tenant listed below, with brief description of contents in the space(s).
TENANT’S COMPLETE NAME as shown on rental agreement General description of property
Victoria Cisse - Boxes & luggage
Robert Roberson - Table saw, windows, couch & other various household items
Armando Quevedo - General household & other various misc items
Terrance Peters - 2 bikes, household & other various items
Marti Diprima - Household & other various misc. items
Al Ranyak - Cabinets, household & other various misc items
Al Ranyak - Plant, shelves & other various misc. items
Thomas Treml - Ramp, dog crate & other various misc. household items
Peri Schenkler - Stacked washer/ dryer, furniture & other household items
Ruth Ann Davis - Fishing poles, tools & other various household items
George Urda - Furniture, computer equipment & other household items
TO TENANT RECEIVING THIS NOTICE. This Notice of Public Sale is being sent to you via regular mail or email on the date shown below at your mailing or email address on the Rental Agreement, as it may have been modified by written notice from you to Lessor. Your property may be redeemed prior to sale upon payment of all sums due to Lessor. PARTIAL PAYMENT WILL NOT STOP THE SALE.
July 16, 2014
Date sent to Tenant mailed regular mail / certified mail
Stanley R. Crossman
Signature of LESSOR’S AGENT


Luther Davis, Auctioneer, #TX8325
Notice is hereby given that Extra Space Storage, pursuant to Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code (Chapter 576 of the 68th Legislature), will sell, to satisfy lien of the owner, at public sale by competitive bidding. The sales will be conducted on August 8, 2014. The auction will start at the first listed location at 9:30 AM continuing to the next location until the auction is completed.
All sales are final. Extra Space Storage reserves the right to refuse any and all bids. Extra Space Storage reserves the right to bid. Sale is subject to adjournment. Purchases must be made with cash only, paid at the time of the sale to the highest bidder. Units are not permitted to be sold on a contingency or conditional basis. Viewing is done from the entrance only. All goods are sold as is and Buyers must remove all the contents and leave the unit clean within 24 hours. Persons age 16 and under are not permitted on the grounds.
The personal goods stored therein by the following may include, but are not limited to general household items, household and office furniture, boxes, clothes, office equipment and supplies, stored files and records, inventory, tools, equipment, automobiles, vans, trucks, trailers, recreational vehicles, and miscellaneous items.
9:30 AM - Extra Space #785, 1931 Ft. Worth Ave, Dallas, 75208
E25 Norberto Bega; F2 Teresa Santoyo; F46 Robert Fernandez; G103 Guillermo Santillan; G124 Robert Fernandez
9:45 AM - Extra Space #8272, 6434 Maple Ave, Dallas, 75235
30 Christian Colbert; 218 Todd Norwood
10:00 AM - Extra Space #628, 5431 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, 75209
232 Kanetha Robinson
10:15 AM - Extra Space #476, 4114 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, 75204
170 Scott Brown; 444 Chris Bergara
10:45 AM - Extra Space #1307, 5701 E. NW Highway, Dallas, 75231
705 Anna Parsley; 1010 Kelly Parker
11:00 AM - Extra Space #561, 10740 Garland Rd, Dallas, 75218
R52 Staci Wade
11:15 AM - Extra Space #1357, 2416 Lakeview Pkwy, Rowlett, 75088
A120 Ashley Denmond; B225 Dana Abbott; D763 Frank Reyna
11:30 AM- Extra Space #1549, 2809 Beltline Rd, Garland, 75044
056 Morgan Schmidt; 107 Elliott Reick; 137 Frank Ernie Basquez II; 234 Ollie McCormick; 461 Michael Cantrell; 468 Mohanad Al Eisa
11:45 AM – Extra Space #514, 12190 Inwood Road, Dallas, 75244
360 Registry Homes; 360 Randall Case
12:00 PM - Extra Space #565, 16280 Addison Rd, Addison, 75001
C312 Chad Ford; C338 sara aguiling; I606 Janiesha Mwiya
12:15 PM – Extra Space #158, 3308 Waypoint Drive, Carrollton, 75006
A168 Serrina Walls; D168 Ariel Campbell; F104 Bassey Hanson; H105 Arron bendon; J103 Rob Exline; L124 Markel Clayton; N138 David Benson




Legal Notices Must Be Received
No Later Than 11:00 Am
The Business Day Prior To Publication