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Notice of Public Sale
PS Orangeco, Inc., hereby gives notice that the property generally described below is being sold to satisfy a Landlord’s Lien pursuant to Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code, at the date and time indicated below, and on the following terms: All property will be sold at public sale to the highest bidder for cash or credit cards, NO CHECKS, with payment to be made at the time of the sale. Seller reserves the right to refuse any bid and to withdraw any item or items from the sale.
The property stored therein may include, but are not limited to general household items, appliances, boxes, bags, totes, tools, bedding, clothing, electronics, toys, books, files, furniture and miscellaneous items.
The property will be sold on the 24th of August, 2017 on or about the time indicated at each self-storage facility identified below. No Children Please.
9:30 AM – Public Storage, 2861 Walnut Hill Drive, Dallas, TX, 75229
  A539 - Sigure, Rondel  
  C031 - Anderson, Krisinda
  C059 - Wohl, Heather
  D429 - Inks, Devin
  D431 - Beckworth, Ronald
  D458 - Kleitsch, Bransford
  D565 - Eayre, Converse  
  D603 - Vazquez, Soledad  
  D619 - Gentry, Juanita  
  E368 - Hackney, Tom  
  F334 - Donaho, Clark  
  G225 - Massey, Shawn  
  G240 - Simpkins, Ryan  
  H184 - Taylor, Rose  
  H309 - Baham, Tarwonda  
  J108 - Hernandez, Jacob  
  J128 - Small, Cindi  
  K081 - Frye, Ashley  
10:00 AM – Public Storage 1212 E. Airport Frwy, Irving, TX 75062  
  1022 - Choice, Tiffiney
  1087 - Lawrence, Porshia
  1164 - Qualls, Rhonda
  1173 - Cuanas, Ofelia
  1212 - simmons, robert
  2029 - Grant, Marvin
  2287 - Smith, Destinee
  2367 - Young, Margaret
  2397 - fuqua, crystal
  C106 - Ramos, Bobby
  D161 - Garcia, Jesse
  L483 - Johnson, Jacqueline
10:15 AM – Public Storage, 1205 N. Loop 12. Irving, TX 75061  
  B001 - Reinhard, Julianne
  B032 - Martinez, Alexandria
  B085 - Hipp, Benjamin
  C017 - Gonzalez, Minerva
  C075 - Noble, James
  C173 - Salas, Edgar
  C195 - Ordaz, Delores
  C205 - Martin, Michelle
  D030 - Smith, Keith
10:30 AM – Public Storage, 100 N. MacArthur Blvd. , Irving, TX 75061
  0040 - Montoya, Guadalupe
  0054 - Patis, Juile
  0055 - DeLaCerda, Oscar
  0101 - Delacruz, Francisco
  0186 - Mccoy, Ruby
  0238 - Velasquez, Devan
  0312 - DeLuna, Michelle
  0374 - La, Bich N.
  0386 - Vanegas, Jamie
  0412 - Collins, Brenda
  0426 - La, Bich N.
  0495 - Clayton, Tameika
11:00 AM – Public Storage, 1520 Irving Blvd. , Irving, TX 75061
  4103 - Echols, Mulondo    
  4114 - Farmer, Carl
  4150 - Mendietta, Jesus
  4164 - Devecki, Tatiana
  4463 - Gonzales, Julian
  4468 - Stanton, Crystal
  4569 - Lawrence, Kendrick
  4731 - Okris Law Firm
  4765 - Khaleck, Seng
  4796 - gay, willie
11:30AM - Public Storage, 1210 North Beltline Rd. , Irving, TX 75061
  0202 - Torres, Rene
  0223 - Alpha Pest Control
  0258 - Forbi, Conrad
  0352 - Allen, Troylanda
  0421 - Mpungi, Luzolo
  0428 - Cranfill, Daniel
  0530 - Mitchell, Paul
  0607 - Cabello, Monique
  0703 - Geater, Marquis
  0709 - robbins, Alicia
  0849 - Stepney, Vanlester
  1132 - Tarter, James
  1528 - Duckett, Sheena
  1640 - Marsh, Lynette
  1704 - Nsaman, De Grace
  1812 - Baker, James
  2004 - Brown, Tanya
  2012 - Beegle, Kathryn
12:00 PM - Public Storage, 3430 W. Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, TX 75038
  1330 - Castillo, Mario
  2108 - Ray, Ricky
  2322 - Arnold, Latasha
  2348 - Ray, Denise
  2600 - French, Charlotte
  3066 - Portillo, Robert
  3176 - Harmon, Edgingtine
  3186 - Odum, Brandon
  3200 - Hawkins, Jessica
  3230 - Mccain, Terry
  3362 - Lewis, Sheraelle
  3366 - Moore, Lori D
  3408 - Bryd, Sophia
  3428 - Almaraz, Francisco
  3520 - Kincade, Jessica
  3550 - Barnes, Elsie
12:30 PM - Public Storage, 3501 Country Club Rd , Irving,TX 75062
  C009 - Bullock, Charlotte
  D087 - Wilkerson, Adrian
  D094 - Hilburn, Laneda
  D120 - Williams, Christopher
  Melissa Johnston
  D148 - Carter, Dantay
  D161 - Coleman, Angela
  E099 - Millender, Brainard
  E112 - Howard, Priscilla


Public Notice Ad
Notice is hereby given that a public auction will be held by competitive bid on August 24, 2017 @ 12:00 o’clock PM to satisfy the lien on the property stored at Move It Self Storage located at 1102 Enterprise Street, Grand Prairie, TX 75051 in the units listed below. Tenants may have notated the inventories listed at the time of rental. Landlord makes no representation or warranty that the units contain said inventories. Units will be available for viewing and bidding eighteen (18) days prior to the sale date on
Unit – 00748 – Kimberly Barrett: Fans household items, tools, sports equip, various personal items.
Unit – 00519 – Bertha G Moreno: Furniture, boxes, totes, bags, various personal items.
Unit – 00218 – Patricia Washuta: Brass bed & rails, boxes, totes, flag, various personal items.
Unit – 00311 – Niki Wilson: Computer parts, boxes, tote, rug.
All units must be paid for at the time of sale. Credit card payment accepted if transaction is over $100. No checks accepted. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to attend the sale. Each person attending must sign in and agree to follow all Rules and Regulations of the sale. The landlord reserves the right to bid at the sale. All purchased goods are sold "as is" and must be removed by 5:00 p.m. on the day following the sale. Buyers must provide a current, original or a photocopy of their original resale permit at time of sale in lieu of sales tax. This sale is subject to cancellation in the event of settlement between landlord and obligated party


Notice of public auction
Silverado Self Storage, pursuant to the revised civil statutes of Texas section 59.044 (A) of chapter 59 shall conduct a public sale of the contents of the storage units listed below to satisfy a landlords lien. All sales will be conducted at 10AM on September 4th, 2017 at Silverado Self Storage, 11701 CF Hawn Frwy, Dallas, TX. 75253 and will be for cash to the highest bidder. All successful bidders must remove all contents of the units within 48 hours. A clean up and removal deposit may be required. Silverado Self Storage reserves the right to reject any bids and to withdraw any items from such sale. The property stored therein may include, but are not limited to general household items, appliances, boxes, bags, totes, bedding, clothing, electronics, toys, tools, furniture and miscellaneous items.
129 Williams, Jimmie
163 Burkett, Mark
350 Swaim, Melissa
403 Harden, Laticia
410 White, Phoenecia
612 McAdams, Reginald
614 Ramirez, Roberto
706 Zapata, Esteban
707 Zapata, Esteban
728 Vick, Daniel


Notice of Public Sale
Pursuant to Chapter 59, Texas Property Code, Lone Star Self Storage, Inc., will hold a public auction of property being sold to satisfy a statutory and contractual landlord’s lien. Property will be sold to highest cash bidder. The public auctions (Jackie Sutton TX 11219) will take place at the following locations and times:
Lone Star Self Storage 3500 Melcer, Rowlett, TX. 75088, on Sept. 13, 2017 at 9:30am. Robin Moore--- Boxes, Bags, Clothes. Robin Moore--- Boxes, Bags, Clothes. Robin Moore--- Boxes, Bags, Clothes. Barry D. Buchanan --- Shelves, Bike, Couch, Loveseat, Table, Chairs, Beds, Lamps, Computers, Boxes, Bags. Barry D. Buchanan --- Shelves, Couch, Loveseat, Beds, Lamps, TV, Boxes, Bags. Nina Garza--- Clothes, Boxes, Bags. Beth L. Thomas --- Armoire, Buffet, Shelves, Boxes. Darrell W. Turner--- Kid Carr Bed, Loveseat, Speakers, TV, Ottoman, Boxes. Stephanie D. Martini--- Christmas Decorations, Totes, Boxes.
Lone Star Self Storage 183 S. Shiloh, Garland, TX. 75042, on Sept. 13, 2017 at 10:30am. Jorge Luna--- Homemade Trailer. Jose A. Rodriguez--- Stove, Refrigerator, Dolly, ladder, Totes, Boxes.
Lone Star Self Storage 1403 Tripp Rd., Mesquite, TX. 75150, on Sept. 13, 2017 at 11:00am. Robert Jacques Jr.--- Water Dispenser, Display Cases, Toys. Ronney Jackson--- Set of Drums, File Cabinet, TV’s Boxes, Misc. Items. Lacata L. Jenkins--- Loveseat, Crib Mattresses, High Chair, TV, Boxes, Misc. Items.




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