Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Notice of Public Sale
Metroplex Self Storage #7, in order to satisfy a Landlord’s Lien, wishes to avail themselves of the provisions of the Texas Property Code Ann. #59.011-59.046, and hereby gives Notice of Sale under said act to wit: CASH ONLY! The sale will be conducted on
December 29, 2014
At 10:30 AM at Metroplex Self Storage #7, 520 W. Arapaho Rd., Richardson, Texas (972-238-7577). The sale will be all contents of the following:
#118-Linda Gorney boxes, furniture, weedeater, boxes
#502-Freddie Henderson furniture, cloths
#647-Leighann Phillips furniture, TV, computer, household goods
#232-Almeter Lee furniture, bed,household goods
#156-Emily Traugott boxes, furniture,dryer, pictures
#621-Kelli Brown cloths, boxes, totes
Metroplex Self Storage #7 reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to rebid at a later date. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! CASH ONLY!! The Public is invited to attend. According to Texas State Laws, Sales Tax will be collected on all sales, unless original sales tax exemption certificate is presented at the time of sale.


Notice of Public Sale
PS Orangeco, Inc., hereby gives notice that the property generally described below is being sold to satisfy a Landlord_s Lien pursuant to Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code, at the date and time indicated below, and on the following terms: All property will be sold at public sale to the highest bidder for cash or credit cards, NO CHECKS, with payment to be made at the time of the sale. Seller reserves the right to refuse any bid and to withdraw any item or items from the sale. The property stored therein may include, but are not limited to general household items, appliances, boxes, bags, totes, tools, bedding, clothing, electronics, toys, books, files, furniture and miscellaneous items. The property will be sold on the 30th of December, 2014, on or about the time indicated at each self-storage facility identified below. No Children or Pets Please.
Site # Unit - Customer
9:30am 08409 7500 North MacArthur Blvd Irving, TX 75063
3518- Sims, Desmond
1144- Harris, D'anquilyn
2411- Clayton, Michael
3612- Jaliah, Ujah
3311- Milovich, Cheryl
1345- Webb, Adam
1212- Thawer, Sherin
1311- Smith, Deborah R
2360- Rowan, Amanda
1516- Prashant, Kumar
1208- Whitetree, Mathias Dee
10:00am 08417 1601 E Beltline Rd Coppell, TX 75019
0668- Wright, James
0711- Jones, Casey
1377- Birks, Tanya
0110- Anderson, Heather
0916- Craft, Jermaine
0209- McGuire, Priscilla
0315- Patterson, Rashun
10:15am 25614 12075 Denton Drive Dallas, TX 75234
3027- Guerra, Anthony
2043- Errisuriz, Saul
3638- Arjin, Claudia
4128- Segura, Rigoberto
3018- Lucero, Robert
4120- Flores, Yesenia
3031- Natural Smartlife
2130- Tinnon, Salema
2024- Lopez, Prudencia
10:30am 20910 1707 South I-35 East Carrollton, TX 75006
D172- Patillo, Sheena
D154- Mccamant, Melissa
F027- Silva, Daisy
D027- Rita, Limon
B006- Jennings, Nicholas
D035- Brizuela, Hector
D179- McNabb, Misty
10:45am 28099 1225 West Trinity Mills Rd Carrollton, TX 75006
B039- Solis, Ronn
C060- Patterson, Byron
D063- Evans, Ashley
C039- Moore, William
C001- Corona, Janiece
B036- Hood, Lori
B058- Deleon, Alejandra
B068- Roberts, David
D008- Lowrey, John
B061- Jongbloed, Chris
D013- Hurd, Kyle
11:00am 28120 690 East Highway 121 Lewisville, TX 75057
M289- Jabati, Frank
E56- Brown, Johnnie
K169- Lovell, Lacy
K176- Johnson, Chelsea
M298- Nerio, Rogelio
L235- Alexander, Lydia
M266- Cervantes, Miriam
M299- Sauseda, Beverly
M295- Dooley, Gerald
K165- Matthews, Joyce
K207- Morris, Wendy
D37- Smith, Phil
Z06- Perez, Tonda
Z38- William, Henry
E47- Rutz, Hayden
E57- Gonzales, Fariba
11:15am 07104 1474 Justin Rd 407 Lewisville, TX 75077
E118- Shane, Megan
C110- Titko, Kimberly
A236- Van Loozen, Ian
1307- Sims-Brown, Rhonda
A123- Kennedy, John
A288- Walker, Darren
11:30am 08414 601 N. Stemmons Freeway Lewisville, TX 75067
1319- Perez, Jody
1409- Del Rio, Jesse
1509- Lackey, Ali
1268- Herrmann, Laura
1302- Nunn, Latyra
1280- Jackson, James
1003- Johnson, Sean
1286- Felley, Brian
11:45am 21003 1419 S. Stemmons Freeway Lewisville, TX 75067
C107- Schroeder, Christopher
B013- Luna, Rey
A112- Holloway, Alisha
A037- Castell, Jim
D049- Sustaita, Samuel
A091- Conwright, Dorothy
A087- Young, Annetta
B007- Garneaux, Armand
C091- Heald, Heather


Notice of Public Sale
Pursuant to Chapter 59, Texas Property Code, Lone Star Self Storage, Inc., will hold public auction of property being sold to satisfy a statutory and contractual landlord’s lien. Property will be sold to highest cash bidder. The public auctions (Jackie Sutton TX 11219) will take place at the following locations and times:
Lone Star Self Storage 3500 Melcer, Rowlett, TX. 75088, on Jan. 07, 2015 at 9:30am. Beth M. Aleska--- Stereos, Couch & Loveseat, Bed, Armoire, Tables, 3 Chests, Dresser, Futon, Misc. Boxes. Michele Schulz-- Dining Table, Entertainment Center, Couch & Loveseat, TV, Mattress, Box Springs, Misc. Furniture, & Boxes. Latangdra D. Griffin-- Lawnmower, Weed Eater, Misc. Boxes, & Bags.
Lone Star Self Storage 2817 Main St. Rowlett, TX 75088, on Jan. 07, 2015 at 10:00am. Daniel Rangel-- Misc. Totes, Small Piano, Bed & Mattresses, Trampoline, Misc. Boxes. Ann Yates-- Gas Stove, Washer & Dryer, Camping Equipment, Misc. Boxes, Misc. Totes.
Lone Star Self Storage 1403 Tripp Rd., Mesquite, TX. 75150, on Jan. 07, 2015 at 11:30am. Stephney D. Jackson-- Futon, Dining Chaits, Head Board, Toys, Plastic Totes, Boxes, Misc. Items. Guillermina A. Rodriguez-- Edger, Small TV’s, Large Screen TV, Large Cabinet, Small Refrigerator, Boxes, Misc. Items.


Notice of Public Sale
Notice is hereby given that on January 6th, 2015 U-haul Co. of TX will be offering for sale to satisfy a Landlord's Lien under Chapter 59 of Texas Judicial Property Code, by public auction, the following storage units. The goods are generally described as household goods (if contents not specifically listed) and may contain appliances, household and office furniture, electronics, bedding, toys, sporting equipment, and /or other misc. items. Cash only sale. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to attend the sale. Sale starts promptly at 8:00 AM at first location, and will continue to each sale location, in the order listed. Announcements made the day of the sale takes precedence over any printed material relating to this sale. U-haul Co. of TX reserves the right to refuse any and all bids. Auctioneer Luther Davis Texas License #8325. Tenant's name and sale location will be as follows:
9:00 AM – Cedar Hill Center, 1090 S U.S. Hwy 67 North – Sofia Estrada, Jennifer Daniels (2), Crysatal Crank, Sarah People, Onyarta Nelson.
11:30 AM – Westmoreland Center, 3165 S. Westmoreland – Anthony Q. Tubbs, Katrina Nunerley, Denise Wellington, Stephanie Beal, Shakiem Davis, Helen Howard, Katina L. Walker.
12:00 PM – MacArthur Center, 920 S. MacArthur – Lagala Gullette(2), Dishona Wilson.
12:30 PM – Main Street Center, 1117 E. Main – Demario Bush, Johnny Grimes.
2:30 PM-- Pioneer Street Center, 2901 E. Pioneer Parkway- Amber Birdow, Ronald Soman, Siena Trouser, Michael Gamble.




Legal Notices Must Be Received
No Later Than 11:00 Am
The Business Day Prior To Publication