Friday, October 22, 2021


1st AD Southwest Auto Storage LLC
11211 Goodnight Lane
Dallas, Texas 75229
Public Notice
VSF 0586282
The following vehicles are impounded by the Southwest Auto Storage LLC. The owners and lienholders of these vehicles have. Pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code, Sect. 683.014, 683.015, failure of the owner or lienholder to reclaim the vehicle. shall be deemed a waiver of all right, title and interest in the vehicle and their consent to the sale of same at Public Auction. All inquiries concerning the vehicles should be directed to the storage facility. Proof of ownership is required to claim vehicle. Fees accumulate daily. Vehicle descriptions follow with: Year/Make/Model/VIN/Plate/Price. TDLR WEBSITE:
Invoice Year Make Model Color VIN Plate Date Price
110069 2003 HONDA ODYSSEY YELLOW/GOLD 5FNRL18093B139736 C806937 8/17/21 $1,767.28
113926 1990 HOMEMADE TRAILER BLACK NA NA 9/22/21 $962.94
113934 1900 RV DIRECT RV DIRECT WHITE NA NA 9/22/21 $962.94
There will be a public sale online at in 45 days of this notice




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